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updated 11-2-19


We will have our OPEA General Meeting Dec 7th.  We would love to have everyone come!

Just a reminder the minutes for Dec 2018 are below under OPEA meeting minutes.



Greetings OPEA members and families!


The 2019 show season is coming to a close, which means it's time for our annual meeting! 


* Date:   December 7, 2019   12:00

*Location: Coyote Ridge Stables and Equestrian Center  24505 S Crystal Lake Drive  Claremore, OK

    SE of Claremore off Hwy 88


We will begin with a carry in luncheon.  Meat, drinks (tea and water), plates, napkins, utensils, and cups will be provided.  Just bring your favorite

side dish / dessert!


The business meeting will follow the meal and will include election of 2020 officers.  Below are the slates for open, amateur, and youth officers.  

Of course we will welcome nominations from the floor!  


We are looking forward to seeing everyone!  Please reply to Lynn and Floyd Branson at hcfhorses@yahoo.com if you and your family are planning to attend.


                                                                                   Hope to see you then!

                                                                                  Happy Thanksgiving!


2020 OPEA Open Officers

President :             Lynn Branson

President Elect:     Sam Westfall

VP Show Chairs:   Sam Westfall     Anita Westfall  Sandy Bendele   Libby Crandell

VP Treasurer:        Libby Crandell

VP Secretary:        Sandy Bendele

VP Finance/Class Sponsor: Marilyn Dunahay   Lynn Branson

VP Go for the Gold: Lois Smith 

GFTG Committee:  Marilyn Dunahay   Libby Crandell   Robert Meyers   Sam Westfall

Website Chair:     Sandy Bendele

Youth Chair:       Todd Branson

Award Chair:      Robert Meyers

Past President:    Mike Bendele

(* indicates that these positions need to be moved one year)

*3 Year OPEA Directors  Floyd Branson  Sandy Berenson   Sam Westfall

*2 Year OPEA Directors  Carolyn Henderson   Lauren Jones  Sally Sullivan 

*1 Year OPEA Directors  Nikki Longacre   Marilyn Dunahay  Ross Kubik  


2020 Amateur Officers                                                                                                         2020  Youth Officers

President:          Sam Westfall                                                                                               President: Makenna Branson

President Elect: Sandy Berenson                                                                                         President Elect: Raylynn Kubik

1st VP:               Anita Westfall                                                                                            Treasurer: Levi Kubik

2nd VP :             Lynn Branson                                                                                             Secretary: Morgen Branson 

Secretary:          Heather Kubik

PastPresident:   Sandy Bendele


A video for the show has been posted.  Enjoy the memories.


Thank you so very much for coming to our show. 


Many thanks to all the helpers, sponsors, and exhibitors. 


See you next year!

GFTG 2019 Show - PHBA & AQHA High Point & Reserves


PHBA Division:

High Point Open Horse –Tuesdays Gold Fox-   Melissa Quinlan

Res. High Point-Invite This Blonde-    Margaret Worley


High Point Youth Sonrise and Old Lace-    Ellie Schley

Res. High Point-Check My Zip Code-        Margaret Worley


High Point Youth Novice-Hoos the Boss-    Kathryn Roehrs

Res. High Point Novice-Seek the Deck-      Elliana Roehrs


High Point Amateur Walk/Trot-    Melissa Quinlan

Res High Point-Saw This Kiss-   Sandy Berenson


High Point Amateur-One Smart Connection-     Amberely Nichols-Phelps

Res. High Point-Playboys Shinning-                  Sandy Bendele


High Point Amateur Select-Reinvest In The Best-     Julie Schley

Res. High Point-Whata Golden Deck-                       Gail Craun


AQHA Divison:

High Point Youth-Shesaezrockingoodbar-                 Addy Trimmell


High Point Youth Walk/Trot-A Fancy Invitation-         Camryn James


High Point Youth Ranch Horse-Zipressive Poconanza-    Addy Trimmell


High Point Amateur Walk/Trot L1-A Girl Named Charlie-    Patricia Wagner


Res. High Point-Tuesdays Gold Fox-                            Melissa Quinlan


High Point Amateur-Zippostraittodeebar-                    Brittni Greig


High Point Amateur Ranch Riding-Loping To A Good Bar-        Susan Mattox

Res. High Point-Playboys Shinning-                                     Sandy Bendele


LDC NSBA Winners
2019 LDC NSBA Winners.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [20.9 KB]
LDC WCHA $ Winners
2019 LDC WCHA Added $ Winneres.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [109.0 KB]
Hi Pt Sire Winners
2019 Hi Pt Sire Winners.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [8.8 KB]
LDC Youth Added $ Winners
2019 LDC Youth Added $ Winners.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [11.4 KB]
GFTG Top Ten Payouts
2019 GFTG Top Ten Payout.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [164.8 KB]

Be sure to come back to our site for updates.




If you have a lifetime membership – please be sure to pay your annual OPEA membership dues to PHBA in order to vote and to be an officer.


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