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Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association

updated 4-28-22



The OPEA / GFTG show committee has met and below is a current showbill.  We hope to see you there!



Go For The Gold Showbill
OPEA 2022 showbill 04-13-2022pdf.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [234.8 KB]
GFTG Rules
GFTG Rules2022.pdf
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GFTG Futurity Contract Pg 1
Adobe Acrobat document [119.7 KB]
GFTG Futurity Contract Pg 2
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GFTG Futurity Entry Form
2022 GFTG Futurity Entry form.pdf
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GFTG Bid Form
GFTG Bid Form2022.pdf
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GFTG Stall Res for 2022
OPEA 2022 Stall Res Form.pdf
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Officers and directors are listed below.




President:  Sam Westfall                                                       

Pres. Elect:  Sandy Bendele                                              

VP Show Chair:  Sam Westfall, Anita Westfall, Sandy Bendele,

                            Mike Bendele, & Libby Crandell            

VP Treasurer: Libby Crandell                                               

VP Secretary:  Sandy Bendele                                              

VP Finance/Class Sponsor: Marilyn Dunahay & Lynn Branson                

GFTG Show Chair: Marilyn Dunahay, Libby Crandell, Robert Meyers,

                                 Sam Westfall & Bob Story

Website: Sandy Bendele                                                       

Youth Leader:  Todd Branson                                             

Awards: Robert Meyers                                                        

Past President: Lynn Branson                                             




  President: Sandy Berenson

  Pres. Elect: Anita Westfall

  1st VP: Lynn Branson

  2nd VP: Heather Kubik

  Secretary: Sandy Bendele

  Past President: Sam Westfall




President: Makenna Branson

Pres. Elect: Raylynn Kubik

Secretary: Morgen Branson

Treasurer: Levi Kubik



  • 3 year: Leonard Berryhill, Leigh Berryhill, Bob Story
  • 2 year: Nikki Longacre, Marilyn Dunahay, Ross Kubik
  • 1 year: Wayne Halverson, Floyd Branson, Sandy Berenson



Minutes for the 12-4-21 is under the Minutes tab.



Be sure to come back to our site for updates!




If you have a lifetime membership – please be sure to pay your annual OPEA membership dues to PHBA in order to vote and to be an officer.


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