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Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association


Updated 11-28-2017


2017 OPEA General Membership meeting will be

Saturday at 11 a.m. Dec 2 at the

Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch, 9501 E 380 Rd. Oologah, OK

OPEA will provide the main dish. 

Please bring a side dish or a dessert and your drinks.

The Youth & Amateur will meet at 11 a.m.

followed by lunch and then the general meeting




2018 OPEA Officer Nominations: 


President – Mike Bendele
President elect – Todd Branson

VP-Show Chairs – Anita Westfall, Sam Westfall, & Sandy Bendele

VP - Secretary – Sandy Bendele
VP - Treasurer – Libby Crandell
VP - Finance/Class - Sponsors – Lynn Branson & Marilyn Dunahay

VP- Go for the Gold – Lois Smith

GFTG Committee – Libby Crandell, Robert Meyers,

                                 Marilyn Dunahay, Sam Westfall

Website Chair – Sandy Bendele
Youth Chair – Todd Branson
Award Chair – Robert Meyers


2018 OPEA Amateur Officer Nominations:

President – Sandy Bendele
President Elect– Sam Westfall
1st VP – Sandy Berenson
2nd VP – Anita Westfall
VP Secretary – Lynn Branson

Past President – Heather Kubik


2018 OPEA Youth Officer Nominaitons:

Youth officers: (Chair – Todd Branson)

President – Makenna Branson
Pres-Elect – Raylynn Kubik
Treasurer – Levi Kubik

Secretary – Morgen Branson


3 year OPEA Directors:
Carolyn Henderson, Lauren Jones, Sally Sullivan


2 year OPEA Directors:
Nikki Longacre, Marilyn Dunahay & Ross Kubik

1 year OPEA directors:
Todd Branson, Sandy Berenson, & Roy Dunahay

All Officers, National Directors and Alternate National Directors must be current PHBA members. 

According to the Palomino Horse Breeders of America website for 2018: OPEA is allowed (7) National Directors and (6) Alternate National Directors.
We are allowed 5 Amateur Directors, 4 Alternate, 3 youth & 2 alternates.  Please look at your PHBA cards to see if you are a current member.  If you are not able to attend the general meeting and want to be a director -
please email Floyd Branson at 

If you have a lifetime membership – please be sure to pay your annual OPEA membership dues of $9.00 to PHBA to vote and to be an officer.   Hope to see you at the meeting. 

Please inform any Palomino member you know that may not have an email address.  We hope to see you there. 


Floyd Branson

OPEA President



2017 GFTG OPEA High Point & Reserve High Points



Lanie Phelps & Scarletts Investment

CJ Kirkland & BCQH Diamond Lass



Makenna Branson & JBS Crème Brulee



Amberly Nichols-Phelps & One Smart Connection

Brittni Greig & ShowOffMyPrinciples




Debbie Wall & To Nights Hot Date

Sandy Bendele & Playboys Shining



Sue & Dick Bercher & Strait To Paris  

Shown by Tom Beever

Amberly Nichols-Phelps & One Smart Connection

Happy 75 years to OPEA

Be sure to come back to our site for updates.




If you have a lifetime membership – please be sure to pay your annual OPEA membership dues of $9.00 to PHBA in order to vote and to be an officer.


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