Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association
Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association

updated 12-10-19


We had our OPEA General Meeting Dec 7th. 

2020 Officers were voted on.

Best wishes to everyone next year!


Minutes posted below    

GFTG 2019 Show - PHBA & AQHA High Point & Reserves


PHBA Division:

High Point Open Horse –Tuesdays Gold Fox-   Melissa Quinlan

Res. High Point-Invite This Blonde-    Margaret Worley


High Point Youth Sonrise and Old Lace-    Ellie Schley

Res. High Point-Check My Zip Code-        Margaret Worley


High Point Youth Novice-Hoos the Boss-    Kathryn Roehrs

Res. High Point Novice-Seek the Deck-      Elliana Roehrs


High Point Amateur Walk/Trot-    Melissa Quinlan

Res High Point-Saw This Kiss-   Sandy Berenson


High Point Amateur-One Smart Connection-     Amberely Nichols-Phelps

Res. High Point-Playboys Shinning-                  Sandy Bendele


High Point Amateur Select-Reinvest In The Best-     Julie Schley

Res. High Point-Whata Golden Deck-                       Gail Craun


AQHA Divison:

High Point Youth-Shesaezrockingoodbar-                 Addy Trimmell


High Point Youth Walk/Trot-A Fancy Invitation-         Camryn James


High Point Youth Ranch Horse-Zipressive Poconanza-    Addy Trimmell


High Point Amateur Walk/Trot L1-A Girl Named Charlie-    Patricia Wagner


Res. High Point-Tuesdays Gold Fox-                            Melissa Quinlan


High Point Amateur-Zippostraittodeebar-                    Brittni Greig


High Point Amateur Ranch Riding-Loping To A Good Bar-        Susan Mattox

Res. High Point-Playboys Shinning-                                     Sandy Bendele


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If you have a lifetime membership – please be sure to pay your annual OPEA membership dues to PHBA in order to vote and to be an officer.


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